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Here at Most High, we are fully committed to providing a powerful, organic, biologically responsible CBD product for you at an affordable price. Our Whole Flower CBD Extract derived products will provide you with all of the naturally existing compounds within the hemp plant, including CBN, CBG, CBD-A, CBC, THC (<.3%), terpenes, flavonoids, fatty acids, amino acids, antioxidants as well as all other phytocannabinoids that assist the CBD in supporting many of our body's processes.

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Whole Flower CBD or Full/Broad Spectrum?

Whole Flower CBD Oil (Whole Spectrum) describes a product which contains all naturally-occurring cannabinoids within the hemp flower, as well as all inherent lipids, oils, vitamins & nutrients. In our Whole Spectrum Oil, rest assured, you are receiving the WHOLE hemp flower. Just as nature intended... 


The more commonly available full spectrum oil, while still containing a large portion of cannabinoids, removes all remaining properties of the hemp flower during processing . Not the way nature intended…


As a metaphor, is it healthier to consume garden-fresh squeezed orange juice, or heavily processed store-bought OJ?  We all know the answer.

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But why Most High Healing? 

By patroning with Most High Healing, be assured our products are:


At Most High, we produce our assortment of products with Whole Flower CBD Extract/Full Extract Cannabis Oil (a food-grade hemp version of Rick Simpson’s Oil), instead of the more commonly availiable CBD isolate/distillate other companies private label as "Full/Broad Spectrum". Clinical studies, such as this from Isreal support the claim that Whole Flower CBD Extract "is superior" to the mass-produced CBD isolate & distillate derived products currently flooding the market.

Also unlike the larger companies which have saturated the market of recent, we do not cater to investor’s profits and believe it unethical to charge unreasonable prices for CBD. We’re a humble project that simply aspires to provide exceptional quality CBD at an affordable price for all.

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