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"After trying many CBD products over the years, I am happy to say that Most High products have given me the best results! I suffer with knee pain (total knee reconstruction) and back & hip pain (sciatica nerve impingement) and find that the capsules and body cream delivers fast pain relief, and I experience less achiness and spasms throughout the day! Thank you Most High!"

Tamie J

"I have been a satisfied customer of 'Most High Healing' products since its birth. I am a true believer and supporter because of the difference it's made in my every day life. Before becoming a client, I would be in excruciating back, hip, and leg pain. I have several levels of herniated discs with nerve impingement. Nothing the Doctors gave me worked. My pain level was always at a "10". I was in pain when I walked, sat, or laid down. Now, I have consecutive days with little (1-3), or no pain at all. I can recommend 'Most High Healing' products without reservation. It WORKS!"

Yvonne J

I have had back pain for over 40 yrs and I’m not gonna tell you it’s completely gone but it sure is better. I am usually very skeptical about things, I tried other CBD oils and gummies both of which cost more than the gel but were no help. I am hoping this gel will continue to work as well as right now. I’m so pleased with it. Try it, you may be happy you did!

Sam P