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    • 1oz (30ml), 1000mg Whole Flower CBD Extract in an organic palm derived Vegetable Glycerin (V.G.) base; allowing for inhalation via a vape device or atomizer


    • Recommended to those suffering from chronic conditions such as migraines, nausea, anxiety, inflammation & insomnia.


    • Flavor infused with 100% natural strain-specific terpenes for added flavor, aroma & "entourage effect"


    • Our "Whole Spectrum" E-Liquid is essentially equivalent to the traditional cumbustion method of consuming hemp


    • Guaranteed 100% Vegan, Organic, Gluten, Sulfate, Paraben and Soy Free


    • Derived from hemp responsibly grown by hemp farmers in the USA


    • This product contains no artificial flavors, preservatives, chemicals or pesticides



    Whole Flower CBD Oil E-Liquid

    • Vaping cannabidiol is an extremely efficient method of absorbing CBD and it's other compounds (CBD-A, CBG, CBN, CBC etc.), as its effects can be felt faster than all other methods. If interested in vaping, we recommend for beginners to purchase a "All-in-One" (AIO) vape device due to the simplicity of only having to fill the device's tank/reservoir. This Whole Flower CBD Oil E-Liquid is intended to be vaped using a vape device (Atomizer, RDA, RTA, AIO, Pod Device, etc).


      As our e-liquid is derived from Whole Flower CBD Extract, you may acquire residual hemp residue in your vape tank; requiring periodic cleaning of the chamber to prevent excessive build up of natural hemp material. Other companies derive there "Full Spectrum" e-liquid from a mix of CBD Isolate and Distillates which during processing, purge many of the hemp's natural oils and cannabinoids. We choose to produce our E-Liquid with the WHOLE flower, rather than deceive customers with a sub-par product.


      Whole Flower CBD Extract contains all the cannabinoid compounds that are found in the hemp flower. This gives an “entourage effect” due to containing alongside CBD; CBD-A, CBG, CBN, CBC, and THC (<.3%), which has shown to be more effective than isolated CBD.

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