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About Most High Healing

Founded in 2020 from humble beginnings, Most High Healing was originally formed out of the necessity for an alternative treatment to help combat my mother’s chronic debilitating back pain. While already taking a plethora of potent prescribable narcotic medications, she continued to struggle with consistent “10 out of 10” pain; many days in tears, unable or unwilling to move due to her immense pain. Recognizing the severity of the situation, my sister & I decided we’d had enough and would give CBD a try to aid my mother. After initially trying “well known” CBD oil tinctures on the market (yielding minimal to moderate relief), we discovered Rick Simpson and his method for producing hemp oil encompassing the entire flower (RSO/FECO) and had the idea to utilize homemade Whole Flower CBD Extract Oil capsules and body creams. Instantaneously, my mother’s pain had dramatically subsided from “10 out of 10” to almost non-existent; she’d gone from nearly bedridden to being as active as she'd been in years. Subsequently, while treating my mother, the word had spread on our successes managing my mother's pain and before long, we were creating multiple products for friends & family treating a wide range of ailments. It was soon after, the name “Most High” appeared to me in a dream; I knew then what my purpose was… and the rest, they say is history. This is my testimony, please support us by sharing your own.

Christopher Johnson

-Founder & President

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